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USA+ is a non-profit corporation chartered in Washington, DC in 1983. They are a BBB Accredited Business represented by US Health Advisors.

As a USA+ Financial+ Member, you get immediate access to benefits and savings usually available only to large corporations. Thousands of people nationwide have joined USA+ to save money on consumer products and services they use every month.

By joining USA+ as a Financial+ Member, you'll get the benefit of the USA+ group buying power that you could not get on your own. Plus, you can refer your friends and get paid for doing it.

Identity Protection Plus

USA+ Financial Coach

Consolidated Legal Concepts

Mediation Services

Answer Financial

Coupon Connection

Road Side Services

Quest International


Shopping, Dining and Movies

When you purchase a $10 or $25 shopping or dining gift certificate from USA+, you automatically receive a 15% rebate at the time of purchase.

Receive up to 40% off every movie ticket you buy

Pet Assure

Dent Zone International

Restore your vehicle to showroom condition and help maintain its resale value. Dent Zone's certified technicians, using special hand tools, provide PDR services that do not require new painting, sanding or body fillers. Most damage can be removed in about the same time as an oil change.

PowerNet Global Communications

Dignity Memorial

USA+ members receive extra value with the Dignity Memorial Funeral, Cremation and Cemetery Benefit. Dignity Memorial® is a nationwide network of over 1,800 funeral, cremation and cemetery service providers who deliver exceptional standards of care at affordable prices.

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Start saving money with a USA+ membership now.

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